About Us

About Us

Our Objectives

Globaltex Kids LLc. strives to design clothes that are eye-catching and expressive. This effort is guided by its belief that the clothes children wear should be like everything else in their lives – fun, colorful , comfortable, trendy and vibrant.

Who We Are

Globaltex is a leading designer and wholesale distributor of children’s apparel in both the United States and Canada. Globaltex has been selling quality childrens garments to upscale boutiques since 1989. The design team follows the latest trends in fabric, prints, colors and emphasizes the importance of good quality and fit. The collection is deigned for children both boy and girl, aged 0-14 years.

How We Work

Our team of sales representative throughout North America work closely with our vendors to ensure excellent service and a dependable product. We strive to provide excellent customer care and assitance to all our valuable clientelle.